Supplier of specialty mechanical, semiconductor, and optical parts for Commercial and Government entities

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At McCarter, we manufacture precision component parts for our customer's critical applications, specializing in assisting with design changes and material substitutions so that their systems run more reliably.  Also, we manufacture obsolete parts from the customer sample, particularly when drawings are no longer available or repairs are needed.

In addition, we have developed some unique proprietary and/or patented processing methods specifically tailored to the requirements of brittle materials, particularly single crystal silicon.  These processes have enabled us to machine silicon optical components to the user's specifications that are defect-free and physically stable, from small, simple planar to large-scale and complex designs.


08-10 Sept 2014

Doug McCarter will chair Track 8: Featured Technologies in Lasers, Optics and Photonics at the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Lasers, Optics & Photonics in Philadelphia, PA.  He will also present a paper titled " Space Invader Asteroids: Detect and Deter".

22 - 26 June 2014

Doug McCarter presented our paper on "The Current State of Single Crystal Silicon Systems" at Optical Fabrication and Testing Conference presented by The Optical Society at the The Fairmont Orchid, Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA


22 - 27 June 2014 

Roger Paquin presented our paper on "Space Invaders Asteroids - Detect and Deter with Silicon Spaced Based Laser" at the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.