Precision Replica Replacement Parts

Since 1981, we have provided machining and repair services to our local petrochemical industries in and around the Houston Ship Channel area.

We will actively participate in our customer's projects and assist with problem-solving to bring improvements into reality through material substitutions and design for manufacturability.

Our Services 

  • Steel and alloy machining of precision replica replacement parts for new and obsolete systems, 

  • Repair services including the repair and/or replacing broken or non-working parts,

  • Providing drawings of fabricated parts,

  • Dynamic balancing and shaft straightening 

See Capabilities Sheet

More Specifics

We fabricate precision replica replacement parts such as sleeves, shafts, bearings, bushings, plugs, rings, nuts, couplings, plates, spacers, stuffing boxes, valves, collars, etc. using a wide array of materials including: steel, brass/bronze, super alloys, plastics, inconels, ceramics, glasses, composites, tellurium copper, stainless steel, monel, titanium, and aluminum.

We can provide one day service, find exotic materials, and supply drawings from sample, all at affordable rates. 

We have top-notch vendors to complement our services for weldings, coatings, and heat treating.  These vendors supply an important benefit for our customers by adding value to the services we offer.  Our suppliers and subcontractors have consistently delivered high quality services with good response time and reasonable rates. 


Our attitude is "No Print, No Problem".  Customers bring in broken parts and we provide a new sketch or CAD print and a new part, saving them money and costly downtime. 

We offer dynamic balancing for rotating assemblies up to 500 lbs.  and shaft straightening services.

McCarter has done a superb job of supplying quality parts and has helped us out of jams countless time.
— Dan Lawless, formerly with Millennium